Thursday, May 16, 2019

Birthday Number Shirts For GranddaughterStitches

GranddaughterStitches turned eleven earlier this month!  I made three different shirts for her this year.  

The first one, in pink, has the number near the bottom hem.

The second one has the number on the back, like a sports jersey.

And the third one is a different style of shirt, with some cute ruffled sleeves.

I always have such fun making these shirts!  It's fun to choose different fonts for the numerals, different shirts to use, and different fabrics for the numerals.  And also, it's just such a joy to know that GranddaughterStitches is growing up, gaining more knowledge and skills all the time, and becoming even more wonderful with every year.
{heart, heart, heart}

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Quilting the Blues!

I started work on a new quilt top.  This one is all blues--lights, darks, and mediums.  I made a quilt like this in red fabrics way back in 2011.  The quilt top consists of six-inch columns which are pieced with a 60 degree angle seam.  Below you can see how I have the fabrics matched up to sew.  They overlap just a tad bit on each side with a small triangle that sort of doesn't matter when you sew it.

They are all ready to be sewn now.

And I only made one or two mistakes!!  Those mistakes were in cutting the angles incorrectly.  You see, I thought the two pieces below would get sewn into a straight line, 6" wide column.  But nope!  Do the little thought experiment in your head.  Look at those two pieces of fabric placed together, and envision them sewn together.  Okay.  Now think about how they will look when they are sewn together, turned out and pressed.  Do you get it?  It becomes a very nice angled strip.  Not a straight strip at all!

From then on, my mantra was "If they are a crooked line when I'm ready to sew, they will become a straight line column when they are done.  If they look like a straight line to start with, they will get sewn into a crooked line!"

Here is one of the strips all sewn together.  This one consists of three pieces of fabric.  Some strips have two pieces, and some have three.  All of the strips are about 70" long.

One of the seams. . .

. . . and the seam at the other end.

This is a very quick quilt top to piece.  And it is a good way to use up some of my fabric stash.  If one color stack in my closet gets too high, this is a good solution!

Monday, April 1, 2019

A Little Gift From SisterStitches

For one of my "special days," SisterStitches gave me a cute little necklace embroidery kit.  I finished it, and put it on the chain that was included with the kit.  (I really like it when they include everything you need in the kit, don't you?!?)

With the needle provided, I was easily able to make the cross stitches through the holes in the wooden circle.

This is how the kit arrived.  They gave me quite a bit of thread, and even two colors so I could choose which one to use!  Thank you, SisterStitches!

Friday, March 1, 2019

Retreat 2019

We had a wonderful time at retreat this year.  There were twenty-four of us there, which made a very nice group.  A friend of mine, Lori, had given me a printed fabric panel which says, "What happens at  quilt retreat stays at retreat."  I added some borders to it, and it stood on a little easel on our welcome table.  It helped (as if we needed any help!) to remind us that retreat is all about having fun.

This year's Quilt of Valor block was a simple foundation pieced scrappy block sewn on a sheet of phone book paper!  They will go together to make a very nice quilt.  Eight inches was the biggest square that I could get out of the phone book, so that's our size.  I'll need to add a border or two.  Here are some of them sewn together.  The little blue dots are actually tape telling me the row and column number so I could keep them all straight.

And I made progress on the 2018 Quilt of Valor that we made at last year's retreat.  I got a backing pieced for it, and with the help of a couple friends, it is now sandwiched and all I have to do is quilt it.

Retreat is always a very cozy time for me.  The weather outside may be challenging, and this year it was colder than usual.  I don't think any of us used the hot tubs this year, as it was just too cold to think about getting out of the hot tub!  But inside it was warm and cozy, as usual.  The hum of machines and the smell of hot fabric being ironed really appeals to me!

In light of my recent broken bones (last December), Kalynn encouraged everyone to wrap me up in pieces of batting to protect me from further mishap.  I looked like a mummy!

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Baby Afghans

Lots of afghans being stitched up here!  Sometimes it seems like they just fly off my fingers!
In December I took ten of them to Project Santa here in my town.

Two different shades of pink look nice together.  Simple double crochet stitch throughout.

You can just ignore that shadow in the lower left corner!

This one  used all the same color, but I mixed up things a little bit by adding some random skipped stitches.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Number 2 Shirts (and a Christmas shirt) for BabyStitches

back before i broke my arm i was able to sew some "number 2" t-shirts for babystitches.  her birthday is in early december.  and i also sewed a christmas tree shirt, like i made for granddaughterstitches quite a few years ago.  i found the idea on pinterest.  i just cut a tree-shaped triangle out of green lace, with the curly edge as the bottom of the tree.  fused it in place.

then i used some beading thread to sew on some sequins, topped by little seed beads.  i think buttons could be used, too, for the "ornaments."

i really love this little pink piece of fabric (moleskin?) that is specifically for holding beads.  it does a great job of holding them in place where i want them until im ready to use them.

and here is the finished christmas shirt!

i have never before bought t-shirts from amazon to make these.  I've always been able to find a t-shirt in a store.  this time, however, i hadn't been near a store for quite a while, so i ordered them from amazon.  and you know what happens when you buy a kids t-shirt from amazon, right?  you can't order just one! so i had six shirts and decided to decorate them all.

i made this cute salmon-colored t-shirt.

and a green number on this gray shirt.

the same green number as i put on this green shirt.  i used all batik fabrics this time, to hopefully help with fraying.  and after fusing each number,  i went around each one in machine blanket stitch.  

then i decided to put a letter "e" on one shirt, as her name starts with "e" and she's learning her letters.  i used a cute red print, and there wasn't very much left.  barely enough to save.  but it was a long strip, so i added a ruffle to the bottom of the shirt.  

real simple--gathered the strip by pulling a thread, then sewed it to the bottom hem of the t-shirt.

here is babystitches, modeling one of her t-shirts,

and another one.

Friday, December 28, 2018

Year End Post--And An Apology

year-end post

way back in april i set a goal/challenge for myself.  i wanted to make a new blog post every monday.   and i was able to keep up pretty well.  sometimes the post didn't go up till wednesday, but i managed one every week.

then autumn came.  two things happened.  i started taking a course to become an emergency medical responder.  its a pretty intensive course and demanding.  lots to read and retain.  for example, after i started the course i did not read a single page of recreational reading. that is a rarity for me!  it also left a lot less time for sewing and craft projects. i just finished the class this week.

the second thing is that last week i broke my arm, my foot, and bruised my hip and knee.  if you're thinking, hey wait a minute. didn't you tell us this before?  the answer is that yes, i told you this before.  back in may of 2017 i broke my arm.  and now I've done it again.  its getting boring!!  that is why there are no capital letters/punctuation in this blog post.  covering the whole keyboard with one hand is hard enough without adding extra work to it!  this time i broke my right arm instead of my left, and im working at using my non-dominant hand.  things are much harder than with the previous break!  so, between the classes and broken arm, i haven't been able to keep up with my blogging.

but this will eventually heal, and i have a good physical therapist who will help me afterwards.  its boring though, not being able to sew or craft.

i hope you all had a blessed and merry christmas.
happy new year!!