Saturday, August 11, 2012

Counting Bracelet

Here is a little counting bracelet I made for GranddaughterStitches.  It was quite easy.  I simply bought some numbered beads in a local bead store. 

Then I added these colorful beads (above) in between each numbered bead.  I strung it all on elasticized beading cord, which is kind of like stretchy fishing line.

Here is the finished bracelet, before I attached the two ends together.  I needed to wait till GranddaughterStitches was actually here, so I knew how big to make it.

And here it is on her little wrist.  You can see that I added quite a few beads to make it fit over her hand.  And I could have made the numbers go higher, except I hadn't bought any more number beads.  GranddaughterStitches is so good at counting that she may be past eleven already!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Memory Quilt

I recently completed a quilt top and quilt back made from clothing of a friend of mine, who died in 2011.  This, and a second quilt I'll make, will be for her family.  I've never made anything of this size out of clothing before, so that was a little bit challenging.  But it all turned out ok.  I actually included some seam lines and parts of pockets in the fabric squares.

Here is a  little closer photo.  I chose this pretty blue batik to border the quilt.  I'm going to sew a couple of special buttons onto the quilt top, too.

And here is the back.  I used the pretty batik fabric for most of it, then added a strip of solid blue close to one side.

Within that strip is a small emblem from a special t-shirt.  I simply put some fusible on the back to stabilize the knit, then treated it like any other fabric.

To figure out the correct fabric measurements for piecing the quilt back, I use precise drafting equipment and procedures in order to get everything to come out to the right size.  You can see that in the photo below.