Monday, September 29, 2014

GranddaughterStitches Making a Quilt

GranddaughterStitches was visiting this summer (oh, we had so much fun!) and one day I asked her if she would like to make a quilt.  Boy, was she excited about that!

So I gave her 20 5" squares and told her to arrange them however she wanted to on my design wall.  Below is the result.

These squares came from the Bear Patch Bits Club at Bear Patch Quilt Company.

Then I sewed them all together for her.  I think she really liked the result.

We both worked on sandwiching the quilt.  She worked hard on it, and did a good job.  One safety pin in the middle of each square.

Basting all completed!

Here is a photo of GranddaughterStitches with her completed quilt.  She was very happy to have a quilt for her doll.   (You can also see the potholder she wove.  That was another fun thing to do.)

Don't you just love the backing fabric she chose?  Very pretty.

I told her that every quilt needed to have a label, but every label doesn't need to be square on the back of the quilt.

"Made by Aurora and Nana
August 2014
Sea Ranch, CA"

Pretty good for her first quilt, don't you think?!?  I'm sure she and I will make more.  It's a lot of fun to sew with GranddaughterStitches.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Some Clothes for GranddaughterStitches

I recently sewed some new leggings for GranddaughterStitches.  She loves leggings, and almost needs to have them custom-made.  She is tall and slender so those long enough are too big around, and those that fit in the waist are capri pants!  

Here she is modeling her zebra leggings!  I saw this fabric and just knew it would be perfect for her.

Here is a closer shot of her zebra pants.  Perfect for every social situation, you know.

Another thing I thought I would try is making slashes in the back of a t-shirt for her.  I'm still finding out how wide to make them and where on the back they are best placed.  Fortunately, she has a little lavender tank top which looks great underneath it.