Saturday, December 1, 2018

More Aprons

Busy sewing some more aprons for TwoFish Baking Company.  It seems they always need aprons there, though I can't understand why!!

On this apron I made the pockets of the same fabric as the front, so you can't see them.  You'll just have to take my word for it.

And on this apron, I reverted to my method of using the opposite side's fabric for the pockets.  I like it when that makes the pockets stand out, but the two fabrics don't fight or clash.  Sometimes, I admit, the pocket fabric and the apron fabric simply do not play well together.  

I think I need to be a little more strict about which fabrics I use for the pockets, just so everyone is happy!

Thursday, November 29, 2018

A Cute Little Necklace

SisterStitches gave me a little kit some time ago.  (Can't remember how long ago, but long enough that it's slightly embarrassing!)  A tiny, little box, and it contained, literally, everything I needed, including a needle and three choices of thread color!  SisterStitches finds the greatest gifts!

And this is the final result.  I actually came across this recently in a "project bag" with another project, and it was almost finished.  It only needed like three more stitches!

Small little cross stitches, very simple.

So I finished it up, and doesn't it look nice!  I'm so pleased to wear it. 

Thanks again, Sis! 

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Green Bag Lady Bag

One of the blogs I follow (see right-hand column of my blog) is the Green Bag Lady.  This remarkable woman has given away over 53,000 fabric shopping bags.  Isn't that incredible!!  She's also a nice person, as I've come to know her a little bit through her visits to my part of the country.  And I have helped to give out quite a few of her bags, which is always fun!

Each bag has its own number.  Here's my number!

I have several of GBL's bags, and I've also used her super-simple pattern (located on her blog) to make some bags of my own.  Some I've given away and some have been for myself.  But when I saw recently that GBL was having a give-away on her blog of bags made from Harmony Art fabric, I just had to put in my name in the hopes of receiving one of the bags.  I also count Harmony as one of my friends, and the fabrics she designs are incredibly beautiful.  Both in look and in feel!

And guess what!  My wish came true!!  I received an email from Bagette Dad, asking for my mailing address.  And this beautiful bag is what came in the mail to me!  Isn't that fabric beautiful!  

The design is called Animal Farm.  I just love the little animals pictured.  Love, love.

So check out The Green Bag Lady's blog and website.  She's doing some great work, besides making pretty things!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

A Little Dress for BabyStitches

I saw this dress sewn up in my local quilt shop, The Loft.  It was so cute that I just had to buy the pattern and make it for BabyStitches.  I chose two different fabrics.  The pretty multi-colored fabric came from that same store, The Loft, and I had the pink print in my stash.

Just so we are all clear on it, the pattern is Kwik Sew #K3775.

It was not the easiest thing I've ever sewn!  In fact, I'll admit that I had to go in to The Loft and ask Marva for some help, as I knew she had already made two of them.  Together, she and I figured out how to put the pieces together.  The unusual thing about this pattern is that there's a front piece, and a back piece, and a side piece.  And it was a little weird how the facings fit with the three different pieces.  But I'm very happy with the result.

Doesn't BabyStitches look lovely, especially wearing Mom's shoes!!??

I put these three pretty yellow sunshine buttons on the front placket.  Yes, I know it is fall, and I have just sewn a sleeveless dress.  But this is California, where the days stay warm longer.  And BabyStitches can always put a little t-shirt on under the dress if it's cool outside.

I found some unusual buttons for the back of the dress.  I was a little nervous about sewing buttonholes, because it's been a long time since I've done any.  And I've never made buttonholes with my newest machine, the Bernina 750.  So I looked in the book, followed the directions, and it was simple!  I held one of the buttons up to the touchscreen of my machine, in the particular corner they told me, and adjusted the corner square (with my stitch length button) so it was the same size as my button.  Then the machine just automatically sewed the buttonhole and it was just the right size!

Monday, October 22, 2018

Some of you may know (remember) that I am a long-time member of the Bear Patch Bits Club.  This club is part of Bear Patch Quilt Company, located near Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota.  SisterStitches is the manager there.  I've made several visits to the store, when I've visited family and friends in the midwest, and it is a really, really nice store.  Lots of wonderful fabric, classes enough to choke a, well, a bear, coffee and cookies, nice quilt samples all around.

Now to the Bear Patch Bits Club.  For a mere $40.00 for a whole year (I think that's what it was), I receive a package in the mail every month.  Containing twenty (yes, 20!) 5-inch squares of new fabric that the store has  recently gotten into stock.  Accompanied by a nice letter (written by SisterStitches!), usually containing a quilt pattern using 5" squares, and also a yummy recipe.  

I have to tell you that these packages have become like Christmas every month for me!!!  I see that oversize white envelope in my mailbox, and I know that there are 20 pieces of joy inside!  Really, each one makes me very, very happy.  This happy relationship has been going on for many years.

Bear Patch Quilt Company is going to close within a few months from now.  I know.  It's very sad.  And I certainly don't begrudge the owner and employees a nice retirement.  But that also means that my little white envelopes will no longer be coming in the mail.

Well, MisterStitches has often been the spectator to my opening said envelopes, and he knows how happy they make me.  So, he really stepped up.   He asked me if he could provide a similar thing for me.   After I picked myself up off the floor, I said, yes I think you can!!  So I pointed him to Missouri Star Quilt Company, and told him that getting a charm pack in the mail would definitely mean the world to me.  

So last week he presented me with the first box.  I opened it and this was inside.  A beautiful, beautiful charm pack of "island print" batiks.  Oh so beautiful!

Just look at them all!

Such luscious colors!!

Aren't these blues gorgeous!!

And the reds/purples!

See what I mean!!??!!

As you can see, MisterStitches really hit it out of the ball park with this idea!  
I think I'll keep him around.

A friend witnessed me opening the box and going through all the colors.  Oh my, it was so much fun!

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Alphabet Embroidery

My friend,Jenny, over at Jenny of Elefantz, has designed some beautiful embroidery designs for the whole alphabet.  And she is sharing them by email from her blog one or two at a time.  I thought that maybe this was a "make-along" that I might be able to keep up with, as they are small, so I'm working at turning out lots of pretty little letters.

So far I've done a through f, and am currently working on g.  Once I get the fabric ready and the threads collected, these only take about an hour each to make.

I'm pinning them up on my design wall to keep track of the finished ones.

And now for a few close-ups.  I have to admit that I am more eager to show close-ups of some of them, and a little reluctant to show others, the ones which aren't as nicely done.  But, as DaughterStitches is fond of saying, "It is what it is."  Or "C'est la vie!"

Jenny's idea and instructions call for making 26 little pin cushions with our embroideries.  (Each letter is around 2-3" tall.)  So I added some pretty lavender print to the sides of the "b" for that reason.  But I'm not sure that I want to make pincushions, so now I'm leaving them as just little squares.  Maybe I'll put them into a sampler wall hanging.  Or maybe they will be Christmas ornaments.  Who knows?!?  And some of them might even turn into pin cushions!

Aren't they such cute little designs?!?

I decided to streamline things a little bit, and prepared several squares ahead of time.  I found pieces of appropriate fabric, cut them to size, and ironed a stabilizer onto the back.  I even went through my Bear Patch Bits and found some little squares in there to use.

I have to admit that I have changed the colors a few times from what Jenny has called out.  Sometimes I can't find the right color, and sometimes I just feel like doing it a little differently.  Or, I've chosen a blue background, and she calls for light blue thread.  It's fun because they are such cute little things when they're done.  Go on over to her blog and check them out!

Sunday, October 7, 2018

A Cautionary Tale

Please, please, please be careful with your rotary cutters!  They are so very sharp, and I know we get used to using them and don't always think about how sharp they are.  Or maybe I'm just speaking for myself.  Anyway, the other day I was doing some cutting, just a small little bit, and the rotary cutter jumped up onto the ruler and shaved a small piece of skin off my finger.

Boy, did that hurt!!  I immediately tried to stop the bleeding and put a bandage on it.  It bled right through.  So I gave in to MisterStitches's suggestion that he drive me to Urgent Care.

  It wasn't a big cut at all, just sliced off a little bit of skin, but it sure bled.  I kept wrapping more and more layers of kleenex around my finger while I waited.  It actually took quite a while for the PA to get the bleeding to stop.   I was told that if a capillary gets cut off at an angle it can be hard to stop the bleeding.  

Now, of course, I am just fine.  Although not as good as new!  That will take a little healing time.  It's very challenging to type with this plastic thing on my finger!

And guess what!  There was my protective glove, lying right there beside me on the cutting mat.  Of course.  You know, I almost always use it.  I bet I'll use it even more often now!