Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Harmony Art Sheets

I made a trip to visit MomStitches and the rest of my family in November.  While I was there, we had a very generous dose of snow, and "brisk" temperatures.  When I woke up in the morning it was only 8 degrees!!  This shows the thermometer when it had warmed up enough for me to go outside.

And my rental car. . .

So, what do you do when you are outside and see a broad expanse of pure, untouched snow?  Make a snow angel, or course!  It's been a few years since I've done this, but I still remembered how.

I brought along a sewing project, and MomStitches helped me with it.  I was making a sheet set for my friend Harmony's mother-in-law, who is recuperating from an accident.  Harmony supplied her own organic fabric for the sheets:  whispering grass in orchid, and orchid solid.  Such beautiful fabric is a joy to work with.  Here we have the fabric laid out all across the living room.  It was really nice to have MomStitches for a second opinion, and a second person to help "measure twice, cut once."

The fitted sheet was not too hard.  We cut a square out of each corner, then sewed up that seam. 

I used French seams, so there were no raw edges to fray.  Sheets go through many, many washings!

We used the solid orchid fabric for the top trim on the top sheet.  Then we combined the print and solid for a set of "opposite" pillowcases.  One used the solid with print trim, and the other the print with the solid trim.  I used directions from the One Million Pillowcases website to add the trim to them without any seams exposed.  Then I used French seams again to sew the sides and end of the pillowcases.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Electric Snowmen!?!?

I made a few of these cute little guys yesterday.  Aren't they funny!  I found the idea on Pinterest, that vast wealth of space that sucks up way too much of everyone's time!

Obviously, the snowman's face is a battery-powered tea light.  A short piece of decorative "pipe cleaner," two little pompom balls and a small bow are all attached with a hot glue gun.  Then I drew dots for his "coal" eyes and mouth with a permanent marker.  (That's about as far as my drawing ability goes!)

Then he gets hung on the tree and doesn't he look happy!

When he's lit up he really glows!  I love this little snowman!