Wednesday, January 25, 2017

52 Happy Weeks

Disclaimer:  This is not necessarily quilt-related.

Near the end of 2015 I read somewhere--I don't remember where--about an idea where you write down something wonderful that happened during the week and put the paper in a container to save for all year.  I thought that sounded intriguing, so I started doing it.  I wasn't sure at all if I would continue for a whole year, because well, sometimes things happen and I don't follow through on something.

But I continued, and did it for the whole 52 weeks.  At the end of the year, I had this little jelly jar full of strips of paper.  Then I dumped them out on a table, and read through them all.

Here are just a couple of things I'd written down.  It was so interesting to read them, and it gave me lots of smiles.  

Even though it's the last week in January as I write this, I think I'll continue the practice.  Some times last year, I found that I'd gotten behind for a week or two or three.  I would simply look at my calendar to see what I'd been doing during those weeks, and then I could remember something to write down.

I had a good system for remembering to do this.  I have a very messy desk, so setting a small jelly jar on it was no problem at all!  I cut sheets of paper into strips one inch wide.  Then I'd write down:  "1st week in July," and underline that.  After I'd written down my wonderful memory of that week, I cut it off of the longer strip, fold it, and put it in the jar.  Then I immediately wrote "2nd week in July" on the strip, so I would know where I'd left off.  I stuck the long strip of paper right inside the jelly jar with the weekly memories, so it was real handy for me.  I didn't have to look for a piece of paper, and I knew right where I'd left off.

A really good way to count your blessings.

"Thank you for all the good memories throughout the year."

Sunday, January 1, 2017

An Afghan For Project Santa

Here is another baby afghan, the latest one I've made.  I took this afghan and four others to Project Santa in December.  Project Santa helps people out at Christmas time with food and gifts to those needing them.  I was glad to find an "outlet" for some of my baby afghans. 

I simply used double crochet for each row--very easy.

I just love using variegated yarn to crochet with!  It's fun to watch the colors change as I work row after row.