Monday, June 25, 2012

Quilting With GranddaughterStitches

Well, maybe it would be better to call it "pre-quilting."  First of all, we sat and looked at this book.  Simple Shapes Spectacular Quilts by Kaffe Fassett.  By the way, this is a beautiful book, not just for quilters.  It would seriously make a great coffee table book.  We looked at lots of pretty, colorful photos.  I was looking for an idea for a new quilt.

After that we went into my bedroom where my tumbling block quilt is on the rack.  We sat down, GranddaugherStitches on my lap, and I showed here some things about quilting. 

I let her wear my spare thimble, and I showed her how to take quilting stitches.  Not sure how much of it sank in, or exactly how soon this four-year-old will take up quilting, but we had a good time.

But then she saw something that really did interest her--polka dots!  So we played a little bit of I Spy, and found even more polka dots.

And we found some baseballs, too!

Not a huge start, I admit.  Still, a start of sorts.  

Friday, June 22, 2012

Quilts of Valor

A couple of weeks ago I went with three other women from my quilt guild to a Veterans Hospital near us. This is a trip that our guild members make every year, but this is the first time I have gone along. We took with us 30 Quilts of Valor to give away to wounded servicemen and servicewomen. In the room where they were going to have a special pizza dinner with their families, we unpacked the quilts and displayed them on sofas and chairs. Soon some of the men and families came into the room. Marilyn explained who we were and why we were there. Then she told them that the quilts were gifts for them, and they could choose which one they wanted. The men seemed very happy to be given a quilt, and to get to make their own choice. They were very appreciative. Some of them let us take their photo holding the quilt they had chosen. 

Not all of the patients on the ward came to the pizza dinner that night.  They have a very long day of grueling physical therapy, and some of them felt like staying in their rooms that evening.  Our contact at the hospital said that she would distribute the remaining quilts to the rest of the patients at a later time.

I'm showing two of the quilts of valor I've made in the past.  We usually make them out of red, white and blue fabrics, as it seems that's what the patients like the most.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Baby Quilt For Ian

 Here is a quilt that I made for little Baby Ian Burke.  Ian is our niece and husband's newborn son, their first.  I wanted to do some curved piecing, and I've got to say, this sure fit the bill!  I used blues and yellows, since NieceStitches loves all things Swedish. 

NieceStitches was nice enough to put this photo of Ian on Facebook for his 3-month picture.  I was so excited to see my quilt there with Ian!

Here is a close-up of the quilting I did on the quilt.  Simple curves between the seams, forming a mesh of circles.  Lots of fun to do.

And here is the back of the quilt.  I used a really pretty Harmony Art organic cotton for the back, and added in some strips of the fabric used on the front, as well.  The light blue fabric is called Silent Stumps in Harmony's collection, and is a nice sateen for a wonderfully soft feel.

I am going to finally get to meet little Ian this summer, and I can't wait.  I should add also, that this precious little guy is SisterStitch's first grand baby, so she is head-over-heals about him.    

Thursday, June 7, 2012


I'm not sure what to call these little things.  They are to hold thread ends while you are hand-sewing.  Can anyone help me out here?  Maybe just thread holders?

I've made a few before, and a couple weeks ago I whipped up several to give to my friends in my Tuesday  sewing group.  As you can guess, they are very easy to make.  Simply a piece of batting, and a piece of fabric, sewn down the middle, pinked around the edges, and you're done.  I really like using one of these, especially when I am sewing in the car.  Threads stick to the inside batting really well, and wait there till you can throw the threads away.  Of course, pins can be stored inside as well.

And when you use Harmony Art organic fabric for the outside, they are especially nice.  This print is called Whispering Grass.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

New Buttons for a Sweater

I have a cardigan sweater that I didn't like to button all the way up because the buttons didn't "feel" good.  While they were nice shell buttons, they were very thin, and uncomfortable to handle.

So I decided to take action one day, and I replaced all the buttons.  First, I measured the diameter of the old buttons, to make sure I used the right size buttons.  Then I went to my local quilt shop and picked out some new buttons.

A little bit later, here is the sweater with its new look.  You have to understand that this sweater is eons old, so the new buttons really give it a new lease on life!  Really, I've had it forever!

A close-up so you can see the buttons a little better.  This was so much fun.  I'm sure I'll do it again.  I'm eyeing all my cardigans right now, wondering which one will be next for a transformation!