Monday, June 25, 2012

Quilting With GranddaughterStitches

Well, maybe it would be better to call it "pre-quilting."  First of all, we sat and looked at this book.  Simple Shapes Spectacular Quilts by Kaffe Fassett.  By the way, this is a beautiful book, not just for quilters.  It would seriously make a great coffee table book.  We looked at lots of pretty, colorful photos.  I was looking for an idea for a new quilt.

After that we went into my bedroom where my tumbling block quilt is on the rack.  We sat down, GranddaugherStitches on my lap, and I showed here some things about quilting. 

I let her wear my spare thimble, and I showed her how to take quilting stitches.  Not sure how much of it sank in, or exactly how soon this four-year-old will take up quilting, but we had a good time.

But then she saw something that really did interest her--polka dots!  So we played a little bit of I Spy, and found even more polka dots.

And we found some baseballs, too!

Not a huge start, I admit.  Still, a start of sorts.  

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  1. What fun! You are making memories for sure. Enjoy every precious moment.