Thursday, June 7, 2012


I'm not sure what to call these little things.  They are to hold thread ends while you are hand-sewing.  Can anyone help me out here?  Maybe just thread holders?

I've made a few before, and a couple weeks ago I whipped up several to give to my friends in my Tuesday  sewing group.  As you can guess, they are very easy to make.  Simply a piece of batting, and a piece of fabric, sewn down the middle, pinked around the edges, and you're done.  I really like using one of these, especially when I am sewing in the car.  Threads stick to the inside batting really well, and wait there till you can throw the threads away.  Of course, pins can be stored inside as well.

And when you use Harmony Art organic fabric for the outside, they are especially nice.  This print is called Whispering Grass.


  1. How about a thread-catcher, or a thread-keeper? They are very sweet, what a great idea for sewing friends!

  2. What a great cast off threads usually end up in a pile in my sewing kit..I like this much better!

  3. How about thread bed. :) Love it Jan!