Saturday, October 16, 2010

Miniature Landscape Class

I took a miniature landscape class last week from Diana Roberts (of Santa Rosa). Diana is a very nice person and a great teacher. She is a master of landscapes, having done a lot of miniature landscapes and circular landscapes (that's another class!).

Diana had a set of patterns that we were free to choose from. I chose the simple landscape below.
We traced the pattern onto tissue paper, numbering the pieces from farthest to nearest. We also traced the pattern onto an acetate sheet. From the acetate sheet we cut out the "puzzle pieces" and then ironed our fabric over the acetate to get it in the right shape.

First step was to lay down our sky fabric.
Then, starting with the pattern piece farthest away, we pinned the fabrics to a muslin background. The tissue paper had actually been sewn to the muslin to keep it in place.

The tissue paper overlay helped us keep the pattern pieces in the right position.
Now I'm going to hand-stitch down these pieces. I'll continue the saga when I get this step finished.


  1. Shouldn't you be teaching that class? I seem to remember an award winning landscape design that you made. :)

  2. SonStitches, it's all about learning new methods to do things! But thanks...