Sunday, December 26, 2010

Barn Quilts in Iowa

While I was in Iowa (and Minnesota) visiting family last week, my parents and I drove from northwest Iowa, where they live, to Ames, home of Iowa State University. That is where my NephewStitches received his diploma. We had a good day for the drive: clear roads and sunny skies.

Eventually we came to Sac County, and were greeted by this sign.
Barn Quilts!! Awesome!!! It being winter, with the trees bare of leaves, and all the white countryside, it was easy to spot the barn quilts.
It was almost like a game to us.
We'd see who could catch sight of the next barn quilt.
It was such a treat to see them. Little random spots of unexpected beauty. They are so pretty.
It made the drive more interesting. I previously posted about BrotherStitches's barn quilt here.

All of the above quilts were taken from the website


  1. If you enjoy the quilt barns and making quilts, you may be interested to know that Diane Entrikin, Minnesota quilt designer, and I ( are writing "Every Barn Tells a Story," a quilting book about the quilt barns. The book is a compliation of barn owner biographies, narratives and anecdotes partnered with quilt block patterns, a couple sampler quilt patterns and a dozen other quilt and sewing projects. The book should be published in about a month. You may follow our progress at

  2. Thanks for the comment and info, Ann. Love your blog. Cant wait to see your new book.

  3. What a neat idea! Such great splashes of colour.