Saturday, August 13, 2011

Travel-Sized Button Garden for BabyStitches

I recently found a great idea on This Little Project for a button/unbutton toddler toy, so I decided to make one for BabyStitches. It was quite simple to make and fun, too!

I chose a neutral piece of flannel for the background, then cut several green stems of varying heights. I just freehand cut them, didn't worry too much about getting them exactly a uniform width. Then I cut a few leaves out of a couple different colors of green. I used a double strand of embroidery floss to sew the stems and leaves to the background, with a long straight stitch.

It was fun cutting the flowers freehand also. And easy to use a small embroidery scissors to cut a tiny slit in the center of each one.

Slightly above each stem, I sewed on a button, where the flower can be attached.

Note: It's a good idea to use all similar sized buttons, so that the flowers are all easily interchangeable. I didn't do that at first, and ended up replacing my small buttons with slightly larger ones.

On the back of the "flower picture" I attached a length of ribbon, with just a little box and "x" to secure it in about the middle of the ribbon length.

Here you see the ribbon lying behind the rectangle.

And here you can see why it's there! So the whole thing can be rolled up into a roll and tied with that ribbon, making it easily transportable. I thought BabyStitches might like this to play with in the car or on plane trips.

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  1. Misses Stitches,

    This is great! I like the colors you've used here and the buttons too. It looks like you've had a lot fun working on this.