Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Walking Across The Golden Gate Bridge

Walking across the Golden Gate Bridge is something I've been wanting to do for a while now. I chose a nice sunny October day with minimal wind. On the bridge it is always windy, so I wanted to start out with the best possible weather I could!

It looks like an awful long way to go when you first start out. I felt like I had gone a very long way when I got to the first tower, and that's not even half-way! I hadn't realized that there was such an uphill curve on the bridge. It really is uphill both ways!

It is 1.7 miles across the bridge, and I walked the round trip. It was fun, and challenging, too.

I suppose it's inevitable that some red paint gets spilled on the concrete. I've been told that workmen are continually painting the bridge. By the time they finish, it's time to start over again.

I looked back and saw this big ship heading out of the bay to the Pacific Ocean. You can see what a nice, clear day it was.

Several places along the way were phone call boxes for emergencies and also to call for personal crises. The smaller sign assures the reader that the consequences are very drastic for anyone who falls from the bridge.

There's only the short railing on the side, and also minimal railing between me and the six lanes of traffic zooming by. It was very noisy, with all those cars going by.

This is near the Marin County side of the bridge. I like how the bridge's shadow shows up down on the water. It really is a long way down.

And it's a long way up, too!

Here's a picture of a tired, windblown, but happy MissesStitches at the end of my walk.


  1. Hello MissesStitches,

    What a fun thing to do! I couldn't think of a better way to spend some time in SF, however, I'd never come up with this idea! We've been through the Golden Gate many times, and we always see people walking or cycling, usually on a clear day.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.


  2. I'm assuming that Mr. Stitches join you on this trip! :P

  3. What a great virtual trip you have shared. I can vividly remember the first time I walked across the GGBridge. I was in the 4th grade with my class. I have only done it a few times since then and you are right about the wind!