Saturday, April 26, 2014

Giants Spring Training 2014

Once again, our family headed south to Arizona to go to Giants Spring Training.  It is located in Scottsdale, so we enjoyed the warmer weather and sunshine.  And once again, I had to get a lot of hand-sewing ready to keep me busy for the long car ride.

Here I have yarn for two different projects, English paper piecing hexagons and my sewing bag, a few quilts that just needed labels and/or bindings sewn down and/or hanging sleeves sewn on.  I even had a few embroidered Christmas ornaments that just needed a little work.  I was really prepared this time!

At one of the games we attended, we got to see a preview of Tim Hudson, a new pitcher for the Giants.  Fortunately, MisterStitches was able to get us seats in the shade.  These games can be really brutal if you have to sit in the sun.

I got some more hexagons basted, and ironed them in the hotel room.

I managed to get quite a bit of work done in the car.  I finished the bindings etc on the quilts I took, finished up the little bit to do on the ornaments, made a lot of progress on my hexagons, finished one baby afghan and started another.

The cacti were just beginning to bloom!

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  1. And what are you going to do with your hexies? Do you want your stash of little squares replenished? I've never seen the cacti in bloom, I need to do that.