Saturday, December 20, 2014

Dog/Cat Beds for Humane Society

Last February at our guild's annual retreat, I suggested a project to the group of 30 women.  I've read several places about quilters making dog or cat beds from their fabric scraps.  Now, I really don't want to save scraps in my studio for as long as it would take to fill a pet bed.  So I suggested we all save the scraps we created while at retreat.  I had a large grocery bag that I set near my table, and people kept coming over and depositing scraps in it.  But it didn't completely fill up the bag, and I knew I needed more stuffing material.

Then a woman in our guild was cleaning out some of her fabric and found a lot of scraps she gave to me.  I actually received three big white garbage bags full!  Now I'm in business!

For the first, the largest bed, I pieced together a "pillowcase" from some of the larger scraps I found. I happened to be at a "big fabric store" one day and bought some clearance sale upholstery fabric, which I used for the rest of the beds.

I ended up with six beds in total!  They were all different sizes, as I used the upholstery pieces just as they were.  Then I had the job of sitting on the floor stuffing fabric scraps into the beds. There were threads flying everywhere!  A few times I got slowed down as I'd find an especially pretty scrap in the pile.  But I was good and didn't "snitch" any of the scraps for myself!  That wasn't the purpose of this project.

I've laid a yardstick down in these last two photos so you can see approximately how big the beds are.  I think there is a size for everyone.

The woman at the Redwood Coast Humane Society was very pleased when I brought the beds in to the office one day.  I told her they could give them away to new adopters if they wanted to, or keep them for the pets staying with the Humane Society.

Now maybe I should make my own cats a bed.  I wonder if they would like it, or just sniff and walk away!

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  1. A lovely project, which I'm sure was much appreciated! I've thought of making a "snooze bed" for Oliver too, just haven't gotten around to it yet.