Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Christmas Ornaments from Shiny Happy World

Last fall I saw in Shiny Happy World's newsletter that they were offering patterns for Christmas tree ornaments.  I love making my own ornaments, so I paid the (reasonable) fee to begin receiving the patterns.  Every week a new pattern came in my email box.  I also bought her kit of felt sheets, as I didn't have very many myself.  

I thought maybe I could keep up with one small pattern each week!

I really don't remember in what order the patterns came.  I thought this little birdie was quite pretty.  Look at the lovely embroidery.

This cute little present is actually open in at the top, so it could be used to hold a gift card.  The instructions said to do a running stitch around the edges for all the ornaments, but sometimes I used a blanket stitch instead.

When Wendy (the owner of Shiny Happy World) sent me the snowman pattern, I decided to make a snow woman to keep him company.  It was easy to just alter the pattern a little bit.

There were a few non-Christmasy ornaments, as well!  I think the dinosaur is cute, and an interesting change of pace.

There has to be a Santa, doesn't there.  I should have made a Mrs. Claus for him.  That will be one to make for next year!

Here are a couple of the non-traditional ornaments.  I bought some black felt and customized this ornament to reflect my own black cats.

This cute little matryoshka doll ornament was quite a bit more work, but she is worth it, I think.

I can definitely see myself making more of these next year--for my tree and for others' trees, too.

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