Saturday, May 9, 2015

It's That Time of Year Again

It's that time of year again when I make a new "number t-shirt" for GranddaughterStitches.  The number this year is Seven!  How can she be this old already!?!  

I purchased the necessary t-shirt in the appropriate size, then searched through my computer fonts for a suitable number 7.  I decided to use the CurlzMT font, which gave me this number 7.  I like the 
curly-que at the bottom, and I think GranddaughterStitches will, too!

After I had printed out the 7, I took my pen and added a little more width to some of the narrow parts of the number.   And I ended up with this image.  

  I thought that would give me a little more fabric to attach to the t-shirt.

I then fused the number 7 to the center front of the t-shirt.

After that came the machine blanket stitch all the way around.

And here is the final result!

I opened up a few stitches on the side and added this little tag that says 
"PS I love you."

Happy Birthday, GranddaughterStitches!


  1. What a great way of embellishing a T-shirt! I bet your G-daughter will love it! cheers!

  2. I love your serial t-shirts! And what a nice tag!