Saturday, April 22, 2017


I want to tell you about my embroidery teacher.  Her name is Jenny and she lives, literally, half-way around the world.  Yes, in Australia.  Jenny of Elefantz is her blog name, and she creates beautiful embroidery and appliqué designs, many of which she shares for free, while some are for sale in her shop.  You should go there to check out some of her wonderful work.

I've never met Jenny (although I'd sure like to some day!), but she has taught me about embroidery by sharing some of her secrets and methods with me and all her readers.  I've zoomed way in on Jenny's photos, and have learned that she gets such beautiful stitching results by taking very small, short stitches.  

Now I'll show you some of my stitchery.

Disclaimer:  the pen marks will disappear after I iron the pieces!

Another essential bit of information is that each back stitch gets taken in the same stitch hole as the previous stitch.  That sounds rather obvious, but sometimes it's harder than it seems!

Right now I'm working on some of Jenny's patterns, and I'll show you a few photos.  Not every piece is my best work, but I'm getting better.  One thing that I especially admire about Jenny's work is how  smooth, even, and regular are her embroidery curves.  Graceful, even!

A big thank you, Jenny!


  1. Dear girl, you are such a blessing! It warms my heart to know that you've enjoyed the little hints and tips I share (and I am still learning too as this is a life long journey).
    Wow, your little bird is beautiful!! xxxx

  2. Good job! Somehow I'm always surprised about learning something new for a skill even if I've been doing it already and thought I knew whatever there was to know! Does that make sense? You've done embroidery for a long time, but still can learn something new to make it better!