Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Number 2 Shirts (and a Christmas shirt) for BabyStitches

back before i broke my arm i was able to sew some "number 2" t-shirts for babystitches.  her birthday is in early december.  and i also sewed a christmas tree shirt, like i made for granddaughterstitches quite a few years ago.  i found the idea on pinterest.  i just cut a tree-shaped triangle out of green lace, with the curly edge as the bottom of the tree.  fused it in place.

then i used some beading thread to sew on some sequins, topped by little seed beads.  i think buttons could be used, too, for the "ornaments."

i really love this little pink piece of fabric (moleskin?) that is specifically for holding beads.  it does a great job of holding them in place where i want them until im ready to use them.

and here is the finished christmas shirt!

i have never before bought t-shirts from amazon to make these.  I've always been able to find a t-shirt in a store.  this time, however, i hadn't been near a store for quite a while, so i ordered them from amazon.  and you know what happens when you buy a kids t-shirt from amazon, right?  you can't order just one! so i had six shirts and decided to decorate them all.

i made this cute salmon-colored t-shirt.

and a green number on this gray shirt.

the same green number as i put on this green shirt.  i used all batik fabrics this time, to hopefully help with fraying.  and after fusing each number,  i went around each one in machine blanket stitch.  

then i decided to put a letter "e" on one shirt, as her name starts with "e" and she's learning her letters.  i used a cute red print, and there wasn't very much left.  barely enough to save.  but it was a long strip, so i added a ruffle to the bottom of the shirt.  

real simple--gathered the strip by pulling a thread, then sewed it to the bottom hem of the t-shirt.

here is babystitches, modeling one of her t-shirts,

and another one.

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