Saturday, July 18, 2009

Baby Quilt (Part III of III) (Finally)

For as long as it has taken me to finish this baby quilt tutorial, you might think it took me forever to make the quilt. But I say "Nay!" It actually went together quite fast; it has just taken me forever to post about all of it. (Granted, my blog posting skills are still evolving--please be patient with me!)

In the previous part (Part II) I left us with diagonal strips of half-square triangles, en pointe (i.e., looking like diamonds) that I had sewn together. In the photo on the right you see that I am now sewing the diagonal strips one to each other.

The next photo shows the diagonal strips all joined together. Now look, though, I have a sort of jagged edge on both sides, don't I!

So I trimmed off the two vertical sides with my trusty rotary cutter.

I didn't add a border, but put on a simple binding. I'm happy that I made the corners diagonal, instead of square, to follow the diagonal lines of the quilt.

Here is the backing fabric that I used, suitable for this little boy, I thought. As I had some diamonds (half-square triangles) left over, I used the feature on my wonderful Bernina machine that has an alphabet font (3 different ones, actually), to write the baby's name in one diamond, and my usual name, date, address on another one.

I'm sorry that I don't have a close-up of the quilting to show. First I did some diagonal quilting to stabilize. Then I went around the insides of some of the diamonds (would that be called in-lining instead of outlining?). I placed my two "label diamonds" on the back so that when I quilted the front, those labels would be appropriately placed.


  1. Lovely! Aren't they fun and so easy?

  2. Thanks, yes they are both fun and easy. I'm sure I'll do another one with this method. Probably try a different placement design, maybe one like yours.