Saturday, November 21, 2009

Results of Wine Dyeing Experiment

Here are my pieces of fabric drying, after I had left them in the wine overnight. It really smelled good when I opened the container holding the wine and fabric! It turned out as I had thought it might, with the white print on the fabric not picking up the "dye," leaving it looking white.

And here is the fabric dried and ironed, a lighter shade than when wet, as could be expected. I like how the long narrow strip has a little variation in color, as it was on top of the pile, so didn't get as saturated with the wine as the other pieces did.

Not sure how the fabric will wash--how much it will fade. I did put them through the dryer, after they had air dried, because usually my wine-stained clothes don't wash out after I've put them in the dryer!

Now I want to experiment with different colored fabrics. And I really like the variegated look, so I'll probably make my next wine-to-fabric ratio a little lower.

Went out for dinner with MisterStitches last night and had a beet salad (I absolutely love beets--I know, people usually either love them or hate them!). I started wondering how beet juice would work to color fabric...


  1. Haha! Good idea about the beets! Your fabric turned out really great! I wonder if different types of wine would give slightly different hues.

  2. The beet juice will definitely work, as well as onion skins (yellow or red). I took a class once on using Mother Nature's dyes but that's about as much as I remember!

  3. Yes, when I took a shibori dyeing class, we used some onion skins. That was posted about here:

  4. I tried using beet water (after boiling the beets) once- didn't get much color. Perhaps it wasn't strong enough - maybe if you pureed some cooked beets, then strained? Worth a try!!

  5. Thanks for the suggestion, Linda. Good idea.