Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Bloomers for BabyStitches

Little BabyStitches needed some bloomers sewn, so I went back to McCalls pattern #M5916. I had used it about a year ago to make her some bloomers.

And this wonderful way pattern companies have of putting all the sizes in one pattern? (Note the "Size OSZ" in the photo below.) Not so wonderful when you want to sew the next largest
size of the pattern.

At least I had saved the little strips previously cut off the paper pattern. I was able to very clumsily tape them onto the main pattern piece, but it was all mangled and wrinkled and hard to handle!

I needed to make two pairs, so I used the first cut fabric as a pattern to cut the second pair.

Here are two pairs of finished bloomers! Ready to mail to BabyStitches.

I forgot to sew in a tag with the size on it. Didn't even think of it till I was all finished. So I used a fabric pen to write size 3 on the back of the waistband.

I found these cute little tags that say "PS I love you," so her bloomers have that little sentiment stitched into them.


  1. And she loves them! It keeps her diaper on overnight, that is a huge plus! And there are no more red marks on her thighs from them being too tight overnight (like her old ones did)! Thanks Nana!

  2. You are very welcome, BabyStitches! Anything to keep your diaper on! And to keep you comfy.