Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Moving Along With Tumbling Blocks, incl. "A Slight Hitch"

I have moved along to The Sewing Together of the Tumbling Blocks. There are 18-19 blocks in each row. I have only one little seam to stitch up between each block, then have to break the thread and start on another one, so I'm doing lots of starting and stopping. But it's fun going through the blocks again, and seeing some fabrics which I'd entirely forgotten about!

The photo above shows my row of blocks on the ironing board, where every little seam needs to be ironed open.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^
The next photo shows two rows of blocks lain out across my lap. At this point, The Sewing Together of the Rows, I'll be sewing little uphill and downhill seams. For this part I'm using some pins to help keep the corners together in all the right places.
Below you see two sets of two rows I've sewn together, laid out on the dining room table.
After I sewed Row 2 to Row 1, I tried adding the Row 3 blocks individually, without sewing them into a strip first. I found it to be a little more tedious than sewing the rows together first, so that is how I'm planning to continue.

Now I've come to the slight hitch. I'm not sure that I have my rows in the correct order. Because they do not resemble the original photo of all the blocks lain out on the floor. Not sure why this has happened, as I was pretty careful about how I labeled all the rows. I'm still sure that each of the individual rows is stacked in the correct order. But I'm not taking any chances. I'm going to wait till I can lay them all out again, so I can check on things. So for now I'm working at trimming up the blocks with the rotary cutter. And, of course, other projects are always around!

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