Friday, March 25, 2011

Hawaiian Quilting

Here is my latest project, a Hawaiian quilt square. I have to admit that I don't know the name of the design. Anyone out there know the answer?

The particular square came to me in an odd way. In our guild we have what we call a "fanny basket." Do all guilds have fanny baskets? It's our collection of odds and ends of fabric and we use this fabric mainly for comfort quilts or quilts of valor. People donate "what-was-I-thinking" fabric, or any fabric they don't want any more. Sometimes the fabric seems to reproduce on its own, making our basket very very full.....

Recently a few Hawaiian squares like this turned up in the fanny basket. I took this red and white one, because I like doing hand sewing. It had already been started--basted, and a little bit of the applique had been sewn down. It was in a zip-lock bag with thread and backing fabric, and even a needle! All ready to go.

I've made a couple of these squares before--quite a few years ago. But I've never done anything with them.

Should I make them into pillows?

Small wall hangings?

I have to show you the back, too, as I'm happy with how small and fairly even I managed to make my stitches.

MisterStitches and I took a road trip down to Phoenix for Giants spring training last week. So I had a nice bit of straight-highway sewing time. I finished the applique on the way there, and got started with the quilting on the way home. In the top photo you can see that I have started the quilting in the center.


  1. Wow, that quilting in the center is sooo tiny! You could make the blocks into pillows but then you would have to add an alarm device to prevent anyone from putting their head on your fine work!

  2. Thanks for the advice about the alarm, Pam!!