Monday, July 11, 2011

A Little Landscape--Finished!

It's finally finished! I mounted the little "quilt-let" (Is that a word? Maybe it is now!) onto the painted artist's canvas.

I made little stitches with very fine silk thread. Simply started from the back side, stitched up through the quilt, then back down to the back side again.

The "holding" stitches were made on top of other stitches or seam lines in the quilt so they wouldn't show.

I plan on entering this piece in Art In the Redwoods next month. Art In the Redwoods is an annual art fair and contest held each summer in Gualala, California. It's partly indoors, and partly outdoors at the Gualala Arts Center, a beautiful facility. A fairly big event, people come from all over for the art, the entertainment, the dinners, the parties, the vendors, etc. It's always a lot of fun.


  1. Jan, your mini quilt is very nice. I like the color scheme and the frame, what a nice choice! May the best work win.