Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Summer Traveling

This summer DaughterStitches, BabyStitches, and I went to the Midwest to visit some of our relatives. We had one fun night staying with SisterStitches and her family, then spent the remainder of our time with my parents. BabyStitches needed to see where her
great-grandparents live.

We had fun playing outside in the grass, visiting a nature center, playing with my "vintage" toddler toys, and seeing fireflies in the evening.

One of the highlights of the trip was getting to ride in Uncle Jarry's tractor. Doesn't BabyStitches look tiny up in that big tractor!?!

Here is BabyStitches with my brother Jarry and her mom, getting ready to drive out of the tractor shed.

BabyStitches thoroughly loved the tractor, as well as her time spent with Great-Uncle Jarry.

Here's a shot of a quilt my mom has on her hand quilting stand at the moment. Isn't it beautiful! And her stitching is so small and even. I hope my quilting can be that good some day.


  1. Hi MissesStitches,

    I like your photos and the big tractor. BabyStitches looks very much in her element riding on that tractor, she looks happy with her granduncle.


  2. FUN! BabyStitches doesn't look like a baby anymore! You may need to consider changing her name to LittleGirlStitches. :)

  3. You are absolutely right, Harmony! My granddaughter would be quite upset if she knew I was still calling her BabyStitches. I like your suggestion.

  4. She is darling Jan, absolutely darling!