Saturday, February 25, 2012

Athena the Cat

I haven't mentioned KittyStitches very much in my blog, although she's always been a huge part of my life. I did show you a picture of her nose when she was checking out my new shopping bag here.

Unfortunately, KittyStitches (aka Athena) died last week, after spending almost fifteen years with us. Her twin brother, Hercules, died about five years ago. MisterStitches and I are feeling quite lonely; our house seems incredibly quiet and empty.

Here is a long-ago photo of KittyStitches peeking around the corner into the kitchen. That object on the floor in front of her is one of her beloved paper balls. She used to love chasing paper balls. MisterStitches would throw one into the next room, and Athena would run to retrieve it, bringing it back to MisterStitches to throw again.

Athena loved to be curled up in her little bed, looking out the window.

Here is another one of Athena's favorite places. Under the covers on my bed, with just her tail sticking out!

And finally, Athena cat-napping in the sun. Cats really know how to make themselves comfortable, don't they!

Athena liked tuna, keeping our laps warm while we watched movies in the evening, sleeping in the sun, cuddling under the covers with me at night, and having her tummy petted. She had the most silky, sleek fur ever, and a super sweet disposition.


  1. Sorry to hear about your kitty. I would be lost without my cat, Sam. He is the source of a lot of humour around here. 9a

  2. So very sorry to hear you've lost Athena. Hope you have many photos and good memories of her to comfort you when you're feeling "empty"...

  3. Athena was one lucky and wonderful kitty. What great pictures and memories. Big hugs to you and Mr. Stitches.