Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fabric Ornament

I found directions on a lovely website for this fabric ornament. You can find the how-to at V and Co. It's not very hard to make, and I completed it with no trouble. I found this wonderful red and gold fabric in my stash that I think works real well. I have to tell you that it involves a hot glue gun, which I always think is great fun to use!

I was thinking of trying it using card stock instead of fabric. I wonder how that would work. Of course, a fabric ornament would probably store better than a paper one from one Christmas to the next, don't you think!?


  1. Very nice! Have you seen Jackie Gardener's paper balls? This reminds me of them. I heart my hot glue gun too.

  2. Thanks, Harmony. No, I haven't seen Jackie's paper balls. Will check that out.