Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Jacket For My Water Bottle

 During this summer's baseball season, I often took a reusable water bottle with me to the games, instead of buying (overpriced) water there (in a plastic bottle).  The trouble was, the water would really heat up, sitting there in my cup holder, which was usually in the sun.  So I made a little jacket for it.

Quite simple really.  I measured the height and diameter of my bottle, and planned to make the jacket slightly bigger than those measurements.  A cover fabric, a lining fabric, and a piece of Insulbrite to go in between for insulation.  Then I quilted it a little bit to hold it together. 

The next step was to sew a little fabric tab to the side, near the top, in case I want to attach it to a loop or ring of some kind.  After this I sewed the side seam, pinned the "tube" to the bottom circle, and sewed the two together.

I sewed a casing into the top of my jacket, thinking I would put elastic in there to cinch it up.  But that was not necessary.  It fits so snugly that it's not going to come off unless I pull it off.

So I fill it with water and a few ice cubes and off to the game I go!


  1. This is so awesome! Love it! You and Mr. Stitches were on my mind through the entire World Series. GO GIANTS!!!!!

  2. GO GIANTS!!!!!! Go MRS. STITCHES!!!