Thursday, October 4, 2012

Half-Square Triangle Baby Quilt

I have a small quilt top finished.  It is a simple half-square triangle quilt, made from my Bear Patch Bits and some white Kona cotton.  I haven't mentioned my "Bits" lately, but they come from this quilt shop in Minnesota.  For $40 per year they send me 20 charm squares every month, cut from the new fabrics they have received that month.  It's really fun receiving the packets.  It also includes a newsletter, and quite often, a recipe and/or a pattern.  And it is all written by my SisterStitches!  She works at Bear Patch Quilting.

Any-hoo, I used several of my pastel-colored Bits to make HSTs.  In the above photo they are all laid out on a carpet. Following are a few close-ups of some of them.

I really like the rooster in this one below!

 And here they are all sewn together.  
I didn't add triangles to the ends of the rows.  That's something I'll file away for next time.  This time I'll just trim everything straight along the edges.  Stay tuned to see the finished product.


  1. How bright and cheery this looks! Wouldn't cutting it straight give you bias edges all round? Have you thought of perhaps floating the whole thing on a white background?

  2. Good comment, Renate. I'll have to think about this.

  3. This looks like a good use of all your little BP Bits! I like the colors you put together, very cheery. You could still put the triangles around the outside with very little "unsewing", and end up with straight grain edges. Give me a call if I can help with measurements, etc. Sorry, I can't help with "unsewing" long distance!

  4. Love this quilt and the whole BP Bits concept! :)

  5. Thanks for your comments, Pam and Harmony. I have a little work left to do on this quilt, don't I!?!