Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sewing Aprons

Some friends of ours, Hilla and Margaret, own and operate Twofish Baking Company.  It is an amazing, amazing, bakery, coffee shop, lunch place, and on some nights, a great place to have yummy pizza and a glass of wine.  MisterStitches goes there every morning he can to get one (or more) wonderful morning buns.  They are like his fuel in the morning.

One day I commented to Margaret that her apron was worn beyond belief.  She told me that she would love to have a new apron!  So then the ball was in my court.  And here is what I came up with.

This apron is made from a very cute "bakerly" fabric I found while on a trip to Pacific Grove, CA.  I thought it very appropriate for the purpose.  

Margaret likes her aprons to be lined, but my pattern was not for a lined apron.  So I simply made a second apron (complete with pockets) and used it for the lining. 

And this is apron number two.  Slightly different style.

The lining for this apron is 40 Ginkgos organic cotton from Harmony Art.  Harmony is always more than happy to help me out with my fabric needs! 

40 Gingkos
I was really wishing I had a dress form to take photos of these aprons.  Alas, I don't.  But here is Margaret, showing off her apron, in their sunny, bright, welcoming bakery.

*The Sticky Rolls are my personal favorite at Twofish!*


  1. I LOVE TwoFish too!!!!!!!! It's my Saturday ritual to start the day with a morning bun and Americano and end my 7+ mile hike with a veggie or tuna sandwich. Imagine my delight to see Margaret with a MissesStitches apron! Awesome!

  2. Harmony, I would say that Margaret has a "MissesStitches/Harmony Art" apron! Thanks for the assistance.

  3. Thanks! It was really fun making these aprons.