Saturday, June 15, 2013

Stained Glass Window Quilt

I posted about this quilt a while ago.  It's a quilt for my guild's challenge.  The theme of the challenge was "Celebrate."

One day this idea came to my mind.  As an Episcopalian, the phrase "Celebrate the Eucharist" is something that I hear.  When I thought about how to represent celebrating the Eucharist, I thought about the beautiful stained glass windows in Christ Church (Los Altos, California).  When you click on the link you'll see the following photo.  This is one of those beautiful windows.  If you want to know more about the windows you can see that here.

Below is a close-up, pretty much what I based my quilt on.  

And below is the quilt that I made to represent this window.  I got to use very different fabrics than what I usually use for quilting.  I used satins, silks, and some polyesters.  Some of my "fun" fabrics.

I enlarged a photo, then made a pattern from it.  I traced the pattern pieces onto fusible web and transferred that to my satins, silks, or whatever I could find that was close to the original color of the windows.  I fused the pieces down to some black Moda Marble fabric.  Yes, I was crawling around the floor wearing my carpenters' knee pads(!), and using my small Clover craft iron.

 After I fused down the colored pieces, I did a lot of echo quilting all around the "glass" pieces.  It "flattened" the black fabric, and helped to accentuate the colored pieces. 

Another window at Christ Church Los Altos.


  1. That is fabulous! Good job! How big is it? The picture looks as though it is a wallhanging, right?

  2. Thank you for prompting me, Pam! I forget to include details sometimes. This wall hanging measures 34" wide and is 39" tall.

  3. Great job, Misses S. It is beautiful!!