Tuesday, July 9, 2013

1982 Baby Quilt Made by My Grandmother

This is a baby quilt that my dear Grandma Irvine made for me when DaughterStitches was born, back in 1982.  A wonderful quilt, with some appliqued hearts and some quilted hearts sewn into one large piece of fabric.  

Well, DaughterStitches used it for my GranddaughterStitches when she was born in 2008.  (Such a wonderful day that was!)  And recently DaughterStitches brought it back when they came for a visit.  It had gotten dirty, and she wasn't sure how to clean it, since it is an older quilt.  Not an antique!  But just not a new one.

I just threw it into the washing machine, and it came out clean as can be!  The above photo shows the binding, which was also the backing of the quilt.  Grandma turned it over to the front and sewed it down for the binding.  She also used a higher loft batting, probably a polyester, which makes it nice and fluffy.

It really makes me feel good to see this baby quilt get used again.


  1. I love it! A mulit-generational heart-full quilt. What a treasure. Definitely to be used, loved, worn, dirtied and cleaned over and over again!

  2. Yes, Harmony. Five generations spanned here!