Friday, December 20, 2013

A Quilt by GranddaughterStitches

While GranddaughterStitches was here for Thanksgiving, she told me that she wanted to do some more sewing.  She had seen one of my smaller scrap piles!

She picked out some fabrics that she liked, and said that this time she wanted to sew them side-by-side together, instead of one on top of the other, as we did the last time we sewed together.  Above you can see the finished product of her work.  She chose four small squares that she wanted to sew in a "patt-er-un" and a fifth piece to sew onto the top of them.  GranddaughterStitches particularly liked the piece of fabric with the numbered circles on the edge, so we made sure that edge showed.


I explained how we would sew two pieces together, then two more pieces together, then sew them together and finally sew on the longer piece.  GranddaughterStitches called the pincushion a "pin pillow."  I think that's a pretty good name, especially for the pin pillow (shown above) that SisterStitches made for me.

Here you can see GranddaughterStitches concentrating very hard on her stitching.  There was a little bit of the perfectionist at work in her, so she got a little frustrated with some of the sewing.  But we made it all work out in the end.

And GranddaughterStitches is very pleased with her final result.  Which she gave to her mother.  She was suitably proud of her work. 

That evening, when she went to bed, GranddaughterStitches told her mom that she when she grows up she wants to  be a teacher (like her mom), a gymnast (like one of her aunts), and also a quilter.  That really  made my day!

I think we may start to work on the machine soon.  We'll see. . .

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  1. This post melts my heart. What a lucky and loved granddaughter you have.