Tuesday, December 10, 2013

More Crocheting

Here is another baby afghan I just finished crocheting.  They go so fast that I'm afraid I've probably forgotten to show you a few!

This one was destined to go home with DaughterStitches after Thanksgiving.  She's going to give it to a friend who is having a baby.

The thing that is a little different about this afghan is that it is very heavy yarn.  (I ordered it on-line and was surprised when I opened the box.  Had no idea the yarn was like this!)  It is called "Baby Blanket" by Bernat and is actually quite soft and cuddly.

Here is a close-up of the afghan.  Since the yarn is so fluffy, it really fills in and feels almost like minky fabric when it is crocheted.  I like the yarn.  It is a little harder to crochet, though, as it's a heavier yarn to pull with the hook.

GranddaughterStitches was on hand, so I had her model the afghan for me.  It's a big-size baby afghan.

Another close-up of the yarn next to a regular pen.  See how big and thick it is!  It all makes for a nice comfy afghan.

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