Friday, January 31, 2014

New Members of the Family!

MisterStitches and I have two new additions to our family!  In December we adopted these two squirmy little black kittens from our local humane society.  

I'm trying to hold these two wiggly kittens, but they won't cooperate with the camera!

Their names are Cassie (on the left) and Percy.  Short for Cassandra and Persius.

They are extremely playful and energetic, which means the house needed to be baby proofed.   It's been almost two years since our last cat died, and she was older and more tame.  These guys can't be trusted anywhere!  They are only allowed in my studio under my supervision, and then are sometimes tossed outside the door!

Since they arrived in December, we had only about three Christmas decorations put up that could be called kitten-proof.  The photo below shows a really simple decoration I like to put in the tall narrow windows by our door.  I used dental floss and little round white stickers from the office supply store to make these "snowflakes" falling down the windows.  Well, those falling snowflakes were just too tempting, so the bottom parts had to be cut off and they only "fell" down the upper half of the windows!