Sunday, January 26, 2014

Crochet Factory

I've not been getting much quilting work done lately, but I've been doing a lot of hand sewing and crocheting.  I've completed several more baby afghans, and I'll show them to you here.

This light blue afghan is made of real heavy, thick yarn.  It's so soft and cuddly; it almost feels like minky fabric after it's crocheted.

The photo below shows how thick the yarn is.  I simply did rows and rows of double crochet for this afghan.

Another afghan made with the thick, cuddly yarn is this multi-colored one.

For the next afghan I actually followed a pattern, instead of making up one of my own!  The pattern was on the inside of one of the yarn skeins.  It is basically a big modified granny square that keeps growing and growing! 

 I went back and forth between a light yellow yarn, and a variegated orange-y yarn.


I made this afghan by double crocheting around the post of the previous row.

I really like the sort of basket-weave effect this stitch gives.

I used the same peach-y variegated yarn as in a previous afghan to make this one.  

 It is simply single crochet back and forth, with a couple rows of treble crochet thrown in occasionally for variety.

This next one isn't the best shot, but it's another orange-y peach-y variegated yarn, with a yellow scalloped border around the edges.

I basically do these because they are fun to do, keep me occupied when riding in a car or watching tv, and are an excellent take-along project.  Very portable.  That's why I tend to keep the patterns ultra simple, so I don't have to concentrate too hard, or read directions while I'm doing it.  So far I've been giving some away, selling a few to friends (for the cost of the yarn!), and sticking the rest in a cedar chest.  When I get too many I'll find a charity that would like to have them.

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  1. Wow Jan, these are beautiful. Wish I could knit/crochet!