Thursday, April 9, 2015

I Guess It Happens To Every Quilter

 I've been working on my hexagons again.  I told you about piecing these hexagons back in this post.  After I had all the hexagons pieced together I had to let them sit and marinate for a while.  (Another word for putting it off.)  You know how that goes, right!?!?

I had made hexagons out of smaller pieces like this one.

And now I am finally sewing the hexagons together.  I made equilateral triangle paper pieces by cutting some diamonds in half.  Then I basted them to this nice off-white fabric with small dots in it.  These triangles fill in the spaces between my hexagons.  I laid all the pieced hexagons out on my bed. Then I arranged and rearranged them until I was happy with the placement of each one.

Here are two rows which I have joined together.

More examples of how some of the hexagons were pieced.

So I did quite a bit of this sewing yesterday.  Quite.  A.  Bit.  I realized later that I had sewn for a few hours all in one sitting.  I had the time, so I just kept going.  Well, the trouble didn't manifest itself until this morning.  Then I could feel a lot, LOT of soreness in my left wrist.  Below is a picture of my wrist.  Now, this is a dramatization, and is not at all an accurate representation of my joints.  (Just having a little fun here. . .)

But my wrist is definitely sore.  I think I may have to try crocheting for a few days instead, and see if it is a little easier on my wrist.  I've started a pink baby afghan.  It's a simple single crochet pattern, with two rows of {double crochet, space one} whenever I feel like it.

Hopefully this soreness will go away on its own in a few days. (Keeping my fingers crossed!)


  1. I like it! I made a hexie late last year called Science Fair from Jaybirds Quilts. Easy and fun to assemble.

  2. I hope your wrist is better. The quilt looks great! Do I see some vintage fabric in there?

  3. Thanks! Actually, GBL, no vintage fabric. But I think I used some Cuvil War prints in it, inadvertently.

  4. Ooops! I got the wrong war! I meant Civil War.