Saturday, June 13, 2015

A Box For My Hexie Materials (some of them!)

In some of my hexie supplies I came across this little kit, which included fabric squares and the papers.  So I quickly put it together.  Isn't it cute!!

Back side of the flower.

And I realized when I was looking through these hexie supplies that I really needed a place to corral all of them.  Because EPP has definitely gone from a "I'll try this new technique ONCE" to "Yes, I'm going to be doing more than a little bit of this!"  And I have SisterStitches to thank for getting me into English Paper Piecing.

I had this storage box sitting around, not being used.  It seemed like a good size for this project.  As you can see by the ruler placed on top, it is about 5 1/2" wide.

I measured its height, too, and made this little blue fabric base wide enough and long enough to fit the front of the box, with some extra length to fold over the top of the box.

The pins show placement for the EPP flower.

The width of this flower will fit on the front very well.  On the photo above you can see where I've marked with pins just where to place the flower onto the background.

Here is the box with the EPP flower appliquéd onto the background.

I like this "label" for the box so I know what's inside.

And here is what's inside.  These are all the leftover parts and pieces, templates and papers, from 
this project, previously made from a class I took by mail from SisterStitches at The Bear Patch Quilt Company.