Friday, January 29, 2010

A Good Read

Just finished reading a good book, The Lover's Knot by Clare O'Donohue. I always love a good novel that has to do with the quilting world, and this one really came through. It's a good mystery, and a good story about a younger woman who is new to quilting. There was a passage in it that really made me appreciate quilting and quilters in general. I will quote it in part.

"(Quilting) was creative, it was practical and it was tradition. Passed down from one generation of women to the next going back hundreds of years, no matter the circumstances.....the women...with their unique styles, often strange personalities and strong friendships."
(excerpted from page 257)

It makes me feel good to be part of such a group. I have made the best of friends with the quilters I know.

I see that Clare O'Donohue has another book out called The Drunkard's Path. I'll have to look for it.

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  1. I can vouch for the strong friendships but will deny any knowledge of strange personalities.