Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Hi Everyone!

We're being deluged with storms right now--downpours of rain, even thunder and spectacular lightning, which is unusual where we live.

And now there's no power, nor will there probably be for a few days.

No camera is available to me, either, so no photos with this post.

But I thought I'd let you know why you're not hearing from me.

I am working on a small quilt for BabyStitches, as well as trying to get my Quilt of Valor sandwiched so that I can quilt it. I'm loving the colors of the quilt for BabyStitches, and will show you a photo of it soon.

All for now...


  1. So you can stitch by candlelight just like our foremothers! Not so fun :-(

  2. Oh dear! I hope that things return to normal for you soon!

  3. Thanks, Ms Boston! I hope they get back to normal soon, too.

    Pam, where is an old treadle machine when I need one!?!