Saturday, March 27, 2010

Grand Canyon

Isn't it beautiful! I've never seen the Grand Canyon before, and this photo was my first glimpse. Awe-inspiring! Absolutely incredible! I don't think the computer has enough explanation points to describe the Grand Canyon!!!!!!!

The colors are beautiful--and constantly changing.

Here's another glimpse of the awesome beauty. I don't believe any of these photos actually shows the very bottom of the canyon. It's way deep, around a mile deep. Elevation at the rim is about 7,000 feet, so I was easily winded when I walked a little too far along the rim one day.

Obviously, it's impossible to grasp the grandeur from a few photos, but it's really something else.

One of my thoughts was, wouldn't it be a bummer to be bumping along in your covered wagon, on your way to California sometime a couple of centuries ago, and come across this! "OK, now what do we do!???"

Time for Plan B.


  1. Stunning! Might this inspire another quilt??

  2. I think it will definitely inspire another quilt, if not more!