Sunday, March 28, 2010

Route 66

"Getting my kicks on Route 66!" I know that in this photo I don't look like I'm getting any kicks (or am happy at all!), but I found it exciting to be on the historic Route 66. Of course, I remember the tv show from way back when, with the two guys in their red sports car convertible motoring along Highway 66. I don't remember what they did in the show, but I remember they drove a lot, and I remember that catchy melody of the show's theme music.

We visited this little "ghost town" named Calico, California. It was an actual boom town in the 1880's, where people mined silver and borax. It's been "re-created" into a tourist activity. Some of the buildings are original, and some are a little "Disney-ish," but it was kind of fun.

Sweet MisterStitches spied a quilt shop for me! So I went in and talked quilts with the man and woman who were running the shop. Of course, they were dressed in old-fashioned costumes. It was pleasant, visiting with them. They had quilts for sale, and a few fat quarters. There was a long-arm machine set up behind the counter.

And that's no "drug store cowboy" you see in the foreground of the photo. That's the man (Ray) from the shop, who had stepped out of the shop for a bit. Both he and his wife are quilters.

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