Friday, April 2, 2010

Calico (California)

I need to add an addendum to my last post about Calico, California, the ghost town that MisterStitches and I visited on our trip south last week.

The town originally got its name from the hills surrounding it. The settlers saw lots of different colors in the hills, just like a piece of calico cloth. Ergo, the name.

These photos do show some of the colors in the hills around Calico. The colors might have been helped on a bit by the mining going on and the subsequent slag heaps on the hills.

I was looking forward to this trip for a lot of reasons. One thing that I definitely was NOT dreading was the long-distance driving. I knew that there would be a lot of very straight roads, and some very boring scenery, which means a lot of time for handsewing!

Alas, I forgot to bring with me enough of my already-cut-out diamonds for my tumbling blocks quilt. That was very frustrating, as I had so much time to sew them.

BUT, I was able to stop at a nice little store to buy a fat eighth of fabric, a small hoop, and a few colors of embroidery floss. I was able to get lots of practice stitching done, and kept my fingers busy. I kind of like my palm tree!

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  1. Hi MissesStitches,

    A totally brand new place for me this Calico, Calif. Is it in the desert? In what County do you suppose that is located? I'd like to look it up on my map, please, I need a hint here. Thanks.