Thursday, April 29, 2010

Britches for BabyStitches

I made some little pants for little BabyStitches. Her birthday is this week (she will be two!), but I gave her these pants while she was here visiting, so I could see if they fit all right.

I had a lot of fun choosing the fabrics and coordinating fabrics for the little britches!

For the first pair I chose a beautiful pink/purple batik fabric, and a cute little yellow print for the ruffles and pockets.

For the second pair I used a real "juicy" citrus print that had been lying around in my stash for long enough. And I chose the light/dark blue leaf print for
the trim and pockets. These pockets are on the side, a la cargo pants.

I used McCall's pattern #M5916, which I had used previously to make BabyStitches some ruffled bloomers.

The pockets on this pair are in the back, but I thought BabyStitches might like to be able to actually use her pockets, so I made the blue ones with cargo pockets. BTW, the yellow trim on this pair is left over from the Winnie the Pooh quilt that I made for BabyStitches. It's nice to tie things together, don't you think!?!

Now we'll all have to hope that DaughterStitches sends me a photo of BabyStitches wearing her britches soon, so that I can show you how she looks in them! Hint hint.