Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Easiest Scarf Ever!

I recently made a scarf for myself. I had been at a San Francisco Giants game, and noticed, not for the first time, all the orange accessories that people were wearing. And I thought, maybe I should make myself an orange scarf. It could really be useful for wrapping around my neck on cold, windy nights.

And there are more than a few of those nights, believe me!

MisterStitches is an absolute baseball fanatic,
and we go to a lot of games.

Soon I found myself at Britex Fabrics looking for an item I needed, and thought I'd check out the remnants to see what, if anything, they had in orange.

I found this lovely length of orange crinkly cotton, so I bought it.

Next step was to look for some scarves on-line, so I could find out the most common dimensions for a scarf like I had in mind.

The actual "making" of the scarf was incredibly, embarrassingly easy. I ripped the fabric lengthwise to the width I wanted. Then I threw it in the washing machine with some towels.
What came out was a nice, even-more-crinkled, frayed-edge scarf. I love it! I even left the selvage on, because it was more or less invisible, and had a frayed edge already.

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