Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I Love My "Tom's Shoes!"

Aren't these shoes great!!! I do have to admit that the awesome socks help adorn the photo somewhat.

When DaughterStitches (et al) was visiting last weekend, she and I had a very nice shopping day, just the two of us. We spent most of our time at Nordstrom, one of my favorite stores. DaughterStitches needed a pair of shoes, and pretty soon we both were in our stocking feet surrounded by stacks of shoe boxes.

* * * * *
They had a lot of Tom's Shoes on display, and eventually I tried on a pair. Very comfortable! They are very thin-soled, though, which made me think they would be perfect for "house shoes," which I wear instead of slippers when I'm at home.

Tom's Shoes are cool because they are made from recycled materials, and for every pair they sell, they give a pair to a needy child. Apparently this company is doing very well, even with such a "creative" business model.

Check out their interesting web site.

* * * * *
The shoes are somewhat unconventional in their style and design; maybe it's a style that one needs to get used to. It took me a few minutes.
As a bonus, the day were at Nordstrom, Tom's Shoes sent some artists to custom decorate the shoes just as we specified. So I got some pretty little daisies and leaves and vines. (The shoes started out as solid green.) Even my initials appear on my shoes, though it may be hard for you to find them!

* * * * *
My shopping expedition also brought me a few pairs of needed socks (see top photo), and some blue jeans. We had a delicious lunch at Nordstrom, too!


  1. TOMs are the best! I'm so glad you have some, their ministry is an amazingly creative one that touches so many people through their nifty little shoes. Thanks for your wonderful blog, keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks for your comment, Sophie. It made my day!

  3. I need to get me some Toms! I have heard about them but have yet to buy/order a pair.... LOVE what they are doing.