Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Nice Little Presents

I've received a few nice little presents recently.
Which makes me very happy! :-)

First, SisterStitches sent me two lovely tea towels for my recent birthday. She added a decorative strip of fabric onto some colorful tea towels to jazz them up a little.

I don't know how SisterStitches found this photo of my friends and me at the beach, though!

@ @ @ @ @

And then my friend Janice, who I see at Giants games, gave me two dish washing scrubbers in orange, so that I can think of the Giants whenever I use them!

She crocheted them out of netting which she had bought by the yard and then cut into strips. Sounds a little labor intensive, but I may have to ask her for the pattern.

From the looks of them, I think they will probably wear quite well.


  1. Funny you would post your pretty new scrubbie, I just yesterday happened to find a tutorial to make that when I was looking for a different tutorial. The directions are on the Sew Take a Hike blog. Nice of you and your friends to pose for that snapshot!

  2. Thanks for the info, SisterStitches! I've been to that blog before; I'll have to look for the pattern. And thanks again for the great towels.

  3. My friend's grandmother use to keep me in these scrubbies. She passed away 4 years ago... I miss her and my scrubbies! If you make some, I will buy some from you. They're great!

  4. Harmony, if I make any of these scrubbies, I will definitely give you some! For you, they are free of charge...