Friday, May 14, 2010

Sewing Machine Repair

I had the greatest experience today, getting my sewing machine repaired! I know what you're thinking: "It doesn't take much to please some people."

But really, this was so great that I just have to write about it. I'm using my smaller, older machine right now, and it started giving me all sorts of loose loopy threads on the back of my sewing. That is SO not good, right? So I googled Pfaff sewing machine repair, and found several places listed. One that I looked at wasn't too hard to get to, and I read a couple reviews about how good it was. One of the reviews suggested that it's a good idea to make an appointment to take your machine in.

I called this morning and made an appointment for the afternoon. I drove over to find the store, and had to drive quite a bit to find a parking place. That was the only downside: the parking is always difficult to come by. I don't know why, but I had envisioned myself driving up and finding a parking space right in front of the store. Somehow that didn't happen.

So I had to schlep my heavy machine for a little over a block to get to the store. When I went in, it turned out to be a little hole in the wall place, run by two Asian men. There were several machines sitting around, some industrial-looking machines, and a lot of stuff piled up. One of the men took my machine and set it up, telling his brother (as it turned out to be) to get me a chair so I could sit beside him. I have to say that the language barrier made things a little, shall we say, interesting...

Brother Number One starts looking at my machine, opening up some spaces so he can see inside. And I kid you not, he was like a doctor examining the machine! He felt all around the bobbin while running the needle up and down, he used his fingers so perfectly. It really was like a doctor palpating someone's abdomen! After several minutes of feeling and prodding, he sewed a little bit and it worked just fine. Hallelujah!!!

Then, as I was packing the machine up he picked up my spool of thread and asked me if that is what I usually use, to which I answered "yes." He said, "But it doesn't last very long. You should use this kind of thread," and he held up a cone of thread. He said how good the thread was and how long it would last. And then he gave me a brand new cone of white thread! I was astounded!

When I was all ready to go, Brother Number Two insisted on carrying my machine to the car for me. I tried to take it away from him, but he wouldn't let me. [Secretly, I was very happy not to have to carry that heavy thing any more today, but I'm supposed to act like a tough girl, right?]

And the name of this great place? Bay City Sewing Machine Co. They are in San Francisco and can be reached at 415-863-9283.


  1. Isn't it great when you get above and beyond customer service?! It is sadly the exception rather than the rule these days.
    PS I am lovin' watching your blog slide show as I write this.

  2. Great post! I am always envisioning finding the perfect parking spot two steps away from the door, and I never bargain enough time walk from my parking spot, a quarter mile away, to the store. Like mother like daughter I suppose! Love you!

  3. SerraStitches, I'm sorry that I passed that trait on to you! We just keep trying, don't we!