Thursday, May 13, 2010

Little Project

Here's a little project that I did recently. The jeans in the photo above are my flannel-lined jeans. These are necessary to have when attending a Giants game in San Francisco at night-time. Those night games are can be really frigid. (I should show you the heavy-duty parka that I also wear to night games!)

These nice warm jeans have been washed many times, and as a result have gotten shorter and shorter. (It was embarrassing!) But I didn't just want to buy a new pair. They're not worn out; I only wear them to baseball games, sit and shiver in them for three hours, then go home.
So I decided to lengthen them by adding a fake cuff. I had this plaid flannel left over from the large pillow I made for SonStitches when he went off to college. Perfect, I thought! But the flannel was a lot thinner fabric than the denim, so I layered the flannel with a heavy fabric that was leftover from the curtains in our house. I sort of treated the two fabrics as one, but without using any fusing.

Now I won't have to be ashamed of my "high water pants!"


  1. I'm glad the left over flannel from my well loved pillow will now contribute to your viewing pleasure at Giants games!

    And nice slide show btw.


  2. Thanks, kids. I'm glad you approve!!